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Our classes are musically driven and alignment focused with priority on solid form. Taking elements from pilates, yoga, orthopedic exercise and ballet barre fitness, these classes are designed to target the full body for a results driven experience. 


Lowly dimmed lights, pumping music, motivating instruction…all things associated with our cycle program! With 4 different types of cycle classes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these athletically driven, performance based classes that are sure to leave you feeling better and stronger after each experience.


Simply that. Strength based classes that incorporate heavier weights! With the focus of these classes to lift heavier things, these classes are taught to the beat with slower movements, complete focus on form and awareness of alignment. The benefits of lifting heavier include higher metabolic burn for longer, leaner muscle…truth! Come see for yourself in our 2 class formats. 


The balancing act of what we offer at the studio. You cannot simply go, go, go, go without slowing down, holding stretches for long and breathing into your muscles – letting your body breath YOU. Our vinyasa flow practices are the perfect balance to the rest of the studio offerings. 

Classes for all fitness levels


As our studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we will be offering abbreviated virtual training classes. 

Please check our schedule before viewing class descriptions.



Take our signature 60-minute class and shave off 10 minutes, designed to get you in the door working efficiently and effectively for 45 minutes (with a 5-minute release to follow) and back to your life faster. This class combines upper and lower body movements, slighter faster paced with modifications always provided and a guaranteed (slightly sweaty) good time. 


Our signature 60-minute class is an all-levels class fusing principles of yoga, Pilates and orthopedic exercises. This class will guide you through smaller, more precise and larger, more dynamic ranges of motion to burn out muscle groups, making you wish toilet seats were higher and it was always tank top weather! We offer modifications for every exercise with priority on alignment and focus on form. This class is customizable for every level of fitness. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, this class can fit into your routine.



45 minutes of indoor cycling guaranteed to provide a heart-pounding and sweat-inducing experience with motivating, fresh music set in a dimly lit room and instructed by seasoned, solid instructors to coach you through a killer ride. This is a performance-based, athletically driven ride with no prior experience required – none! Whatever your level of fitness and experience on the bike (or lack of!), we have you covered! Please make sure to stay for 5 minutes after your ride for a cool down and stretch. Bring SPD cleats if you have them, otherwise, gym shoes are perfect. We have water for purchase at the studio or bring your own…and get ready to sweat!

UP-Cycle + Arms

Take our Cycle50 and add in two weighted arm segments throughout the ride. Balance out cardio with some strength for a full body workout. Boom.

UP-Cycle + YOGA

Balance out your cardio game with some stretching. It really is the perfect pairing of higher intensity cardio (little to no impact0 mixed with stretching focused on flexibility and mobility post sweaty ride. 30 minutes of each discipline for a pairing we liken to wine and chocolate or bread and cheese. You get the idea.


This 60-minute fusion class marries 30 minutes of heart-pounding cycling with 30 minutes of muscle pumping resistance training.  You can expect a full-body workout with cardio on the bike and strength on the floor. We will pay careful attention to form and encourage the use of heavier weights and other props in this class. Please bring sneakers to protect your feet and cycle shoes if you have those too (hybrid cycling shoes will work great as well!). Get ready to feel the burn!



(Functional Interval Training)

Where strength and cardio fell in love, this 50-minute challenging all-levels class is designed to build lean muscle mass and fire up your metabolism. Based on the seven systems of movement (bend, squat, lunge, rotate, push, pull and gait), be prepared for a full-body workout combining functional strength and interval training using heavier weights, sliders, mini bands and a few other props. While this intelligently sequenced format will be higher intensity, both high and low impact modifications will be available. No need for shoes but bring a yoga mat (or borrow one of ours). You will leave feeling energized and strong and sweaty!


This 50 minute full body workout  includes the best of resistance training sans cardio. Heavier weights and other props will be utilized to help build muscle mass, increase bone density, and elevate your metabolic rate to help you become a lean mean fat burning machine. Please bring shoes so we can keep those tootsies safe and sound. You will walk out of the room feeling strong and empowered to conquer the rest of your day!



This all-levels yoga class is a combination of fluid movement and static stretching with an emphasis on breathing. Evening classes will be candlelit and 75-minute classes may include a 10-15 minute relaxing meditation. Please bring a yoga mat, an open mind and prepare to unwind.