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Our mission is to provide you with a well-balanced collection of safe and effective all-levels workouts led by knowledgeable, experienced instructors that will boost your fitness routine and elevate your life.

Classes & Programs



Our barre classes are musically driven and alignment focused with priority on solid form. Taking elements from pilates, yoga, orthopedic exercise, and ballet barre fitness, these classes are designed to target the full body for a results-driven experience. Light weights, props, and the use of a wall/chair/ledge are optional. All barre classes are all-levels. Find your rhythm with us.


Our strength-based classes are truly designed to make you stronger and more fit. In these formats, we encourage you to experiment with heavier weights than you would for our barre/pilates programs. Some formats will strictly focus on resistance training while others may also incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) and cardio exercises to give you an all-star workout. Lifting weights increases your lean muscle mass and allows your metabolism to burn at a higher rate all day long. Our strength classes are all-levels and modifications will be offered. See class descriptions for additional info. Experience the burn!


Our yoga program provides you with the perfect balance for your mind and body to compliment all other activities. While all of our yoga classes are all-levels, some will focus more on stretching, relaxation, and recovery while others may be more powerful and heat-building. All of our yoga classes will emphasize breathing as the most essential element in achieving a true mind/body release. Grab your mat and flow with us.


Our pilates fusion classes incorporate the most effective mat pilates exercises with barre movement. These classes are geared toward improving strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. Besides a yoga or foam mat, classes may suggest the use of additional props like a pilates ball, light weights, resistance bands, etc. See class descriptions for more info. Our pilates fusion classes are all-levels. Join us.

Classes for all fitness levels


We believe in cross-training and cross-terraining. Move your body in diverse ways and places. Change it up and travel beyond the plateau.



Rhythm + Flow

Our signature 60-minute class is an all-levels class fusing principles of yoga, Pilates and orthopedic exercises. This class will guide you through smaller, more precise and larger, more dynamic ranges of motion to burn out muscle groups, making you wish toilet seats were higher and it was always tank top weather! We offer modifications for every exercise with priority on alignment and focus on form. This class is customizable for every level of fitness. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, this class can fit into your routine.


Take our signature 60-minute class and shave off 15 minutes, designed to get you working efficiently and effectively for 45 minutes and back to your life faster. This class combines upper and lower body movements and is slighter faster paced with modifications always provided and a guaranteed (slightly sweaty) good time.

Up-Lifting Barre + Yoga

This fusion class is the most perfect mix of barre and yoga. We’ll flow you through sequences that build heat, strength, and flexibility with the marriage of an intelligent barre and yoga practice.

10-20 minute Quick Barre Workouts

These quick barre workouts are made for you to get a quick isolated heat-building workout that can be tacked onto another workout or for when you need a little blast of movement in a pinch.




(Functional Interval Training)

Where strength and cardio fell in love, this 30-60 minute challenging all-levels class is designed to build lean muscle mass and fire up your metabolism. Based on the seven systems of movement (bend, squat, lunge, rotate, push, pull and gait), be prepared for a full-body workout combining functional strength and interval training using heavier weights, sliders, mini bands, and other optional props. While this intelligently sequenced format will be of higher intensity, both high and low-impact modifications will be available. Shoes optional. You will end feeling energized and strong and sweaty!


This 30-60 min full-body workout includes the best resistance training sans cardio. Heavier weights and other props will be utilized to help build muscle mass, increase bone density, and elevate your metabolic rate to help you become a lean mean fat-burning machine. Please wear shoes so we can keep those tootsies safe and sound. You will walk away feeling strong and empowered to conquer the rest of your day!

10-20 minute Quick Strength Workouts

These quick strength videos are designed to give you focused strength/cardio workouts to compliment another workout or for when you are in a crunch for time and need a quick sweat session.




This all-levels yoga class is a combination of fluid movement and static stretching with an emphasis on breathing. Please grab a yoga mat, an open mind, and prepare to unwind.

Power-Up Yoga

This powerful all-levels yoga class will give you all the amazing benefits of vinyasa flow (like focus on the breath) plus the added bonus of calisthenics/bodyweight strength training. We will build heat, strengthen, AND lengthen our muscles. Modifications will be given! Grab a yoga mat, towel, and water. See you on the mat.

10-20 minute focused Yoga/Stretching Session

These quick yoga/stretching videos are intended to give your mind/body a quick release before/after a workout or when you are simply in need of a good stretch.


Up-Tempo Pilates Fusion

This unique class brings the best of pilates and barre together for shakes, quakes, intense core work, and challenge – making your brain and body work! This class will incorporate mat work, use of light hand-held weights, and potentially use of props like a pilates ball and resistance or circle band if you have them. An all-levels class with modifications given as needed.

10-20 minutes Quick Pilates Workouts

These quick pilates videos are designed to give you a quick blast of your favorite pilates moves to add onto another workout or for when you only have a short amount of time.



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Val and Emma Upward Movement
Upward Movement Collective


“I have been attending cycle, barre, and power classes here since 2016, and I look forward to getting my booty burned in every class. Emma’s studio is by far the most approachable, sweat-inducing fitness studio in Boulder with so much variety in a class structure. The atmosphere among clients, teachers, and owners is so relaxed and positive. There is no pretentiousness! We are all here to work and play hard. Thank you for making it such a positive (SWEAXY) experience every time I attend!”

– Meredith C.

“The studio is simply awesome! The instructors have all been super welcoming and helpful with adjustments. I found each class to be a really effective full-body workout (spin with weights or yoga — who knew?!).

The studio is immaculate. Being fairly active (running, basic ‘at home core training’) I thought I would be ready for this. Nope! Each class continues to kick my butt  but in a good way! Barre is the real deal! 

I recommend Upward Movement to anyone that will listen!”

– John F.

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